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Gene Regulation
Group Leader: Stefano Schiaffino
Research activity is focused on the study of the signalling pathways controlling muscle gene regulation. We are especially interested in the pathways mediating the effect of nerve activity on muscle fiber size and fiber type specification.
Professor of General Pathology, University of Padova.
Director, Laboratory of Neuromuscular Biology and Physiopathology of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) Institute of Neuroscience.

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Department of Biomedical Science, University of Padova

Research Project
Gene regulation and cell signalling in skeletal muscle


Selected Recent Papers:

McCullagh K, Calabria E, Pallafacchina G, Ciciliot S, Serrano AL, Argentini C, Kalhovde JM, Lømo T, Schiaffino S. (2004) NFAT is a nerve activity sensor and controls activity-dependent myosin switching. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 101:10590-5.

Sandri M, Sandri C, Gilbert A, Skurk C, Calabria E, Picard A, Walsh K, Schiaffino S, Lecker SH, Goldberg AL. (2004) Foxo transcription factors induce the atrophy-related ubiquitin ligase atrogin-1 and cause skeletal muscle atrophy. Cell, 117:399-412.

Pallafacchina G. , Calabria E. , Serrano A.L. , Kalhovde J.M., Schiaffino S. (2002) A protein kinase B-dependent and rapamycin-sensitive pathway controls skeletal muscle growth but not fiber type specification. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 99:9213-18.

Serrano A.L., Murgia M., Pallafacchina G., Calabria E., Coniglio P., Lømo T., Schiaffino S. (2001) Calcineurin controls nerve activity-dependent specification of slow skeletal muscle fibers but not muscle growth. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. 98:13108-13.

Murgia M, Serrano AL, Calabria E, Pallafacchina G, Lømo T, Schiaffino S. (2000) Ras is involved in nerve-activity-dependent regulation of muscle genes. Nature Cell Biol. 2:142-147.

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Raffaella di Lisi, PhD
Giorgia Pallafacchina, PhD
Marco Sandri, MD, PhD
Claudia Sandri, PhD

Lisa Agatea, Research Assistant
Carla Argentini, Research Assistant

Jana Tothova, PhD student
Paola Del Piccolo, PhD student

Venetian Institute for Molecular Medicine
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35129 Padova

University of Padova
Department of Biomedical Sciences
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e-mail: stefano.schiaffino@unipd.it

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